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Where the energy problem is going to take us cannot be projected yet. Fossil fuels will run short in 50 years, at the latest. Therefore, new processes for energy generation have to be devised. One of them is the generation of biogas. This is an entirely natural and renewable source of energy. Biogas consists of 50 – 70% methane (CH4), 30 – 50% carbon dioxide (CO2), < 2% hydrogen sulphide (H2S), traces of hydrogen and other trace gases. The basic principle and construction of such a biogas plant is relatively simple. Plants of this kind can be used in agriculture, in the food and agricultural industries, and in municipal waste disposal.

How is biogas produced?

  • Biogas is produced when microorganisms break down organic matter in the absence of oxygen
  • In the natural environment, this process takes place, for example, in the stomachs of ruminants or in swamps
  • This natural process is simulated by biogas plants. Biogas is formed as a product of anaerobic digestion:


Green waste from agriculture and renewable primary products

Organic waste such as food scraps, food past its use-by date, waste from households and from the food and beverages industry

  • We offer complete biogas technology solutions, i.e. we operate as a one-stop shop providing everything from planning to servicing biogas plants