TDF Ecotech AG

General information

New landfill construction

The services provided by TDF Ecotech range from the search for a suitable site, geological and hydrogeological investigations, draft and detailed planning to the construction of turnkey landfill facilities. Operation of a landfill can of course also be managed by companies of the Group. We are able to offer complete solutions that relieve those responsible for disposal services of all concerns and guarantee professional management.

Sustainable remediation of landfills

A sustainable remediation of contaminated sites can be achieved only through solutions that bring about lasting improvements for people and the environment. An existing problem site is finally rehabilitated only after the actual source of the hazard has been removed. Landfill site reclamation is undertaken to clean up previously contaminated sites, to recover new areas for infrastructure or residential development or to create new landfill capacity in an existing landfill.

TDF Ecotech provides the solution:

  • preliminary exploration of the landfill
  • feasibility study and safety concept
  • logistics, excavation, transport
  • opening of the landfill and mining of material
  • separation, chemical characterisation
  • treatment, landfilling of non-hazardous residual material
  • all-in packages including financing plans are TDF Ecotech’s special area of expertise!