TDF Ecotech AG

Innovative components and sub-systems


For stabilisation of old landfills prior to excavation

Before an old landfill can be excavated (e.g. for site reclamation, rehabilitation or repair of leachate pipes), the material buried in the landfill has to be treated. This is where the Wasteaerobic system comes in. This system

  • converts the landfill from anaerobic to aerobic conditions
  • prevents odour formation during excavation work
  • regulates and reduces water flows
  • reduces the amount of methane that is released to the air from the landfill.

Use in temporary waste storage

Large municipalities as well as smaller communities are frequently faced by the need to place waste in intermediate storage. Temporary use of the Wasteaerobic system prevents the development of the odour nuisance typically associated with the interim storage or transfer of waste.
Like in large-scale operations, the Wasteaerobic system prevents the generation of obnoxious odours also in small facilities by injecting into the waste warm, high-oxygen air that has been enriched with bacteria that promote decomposition.